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09.2020 - 11.2020

Group exhibition curated by Frank Merckx

at Kunstenhuis Harelbeke


No title (2020) Graphite on paper, mounted on aluminium 32 x 40 cm


For the 404-exhibition in Harelbeke Liesbeth created a unique custom made work. She really wanted to go into dialogue with a science object and was dreaming of a mental connection with a meteorite.

Flirting with the idea of the meteorite Van Heuverswijn thought about structures. What is the structure of a drawing? But also questioning the structure of graphite itself. What is the structure of a meteorite? What are the atomic structures? And how can they possibly interact. Following the mind of a science based researchers Van Heuverswijn approached the new drawing with curiosity and humor. She imagined the meteorite to be metalic like, a true connection with the metallic rendering of the graphite on the paper.

Already connected by their possible look, the drawing and the meteorite started a mental dialogue in Van Heuverswijn imagination.

For Liesbeth Van Heuverswijn, drawing is also about the organization of things (collections of forms, repetitions, outlines) on paper. And thus, her drawings bare a certain omnipresent grid, geometrically structured. Alike stamps or even architectural renderings, her drawings emerge in the duality between their formal and living qualities.